Coaching: strategy


Strategy is the way in which previously set goals can be achieved. It is the plan of action of the organization. A strategy which is an extrapolation of last years' figures isn't a strategy. It's a must for every ambitious manager to think about the market and the way your company gears to that market.


In a two-day workshop for management and/or executives, we'll have an extensive look at the strategy process on the basis of one of our structures. We'll introduce the models and the participants, discuss them in subgroups or in a plenary meeting. The effectiveness of a strategy sessions will dramatically increase, if market data are available. STEM has the necessary experience in setting up and carrying out market research.


A STEM strategy session consists of the following models, which can be adapted to your wishes of course:

  • analysis of the customer's business drivers;
  • the business drivers of the players in the chain and your value concepts;
  • key success factors and the competitors benchmark resulting in your strengths and weaknesses;
  • trends and movement in the markt;
  • confrontation of the market with your strengths and weaknesses and determining business issues;
  • determining capabilities to compete;
  • determining present and future product/market combinations;
  • making choices using the segment invasionplan and MABA analysis;
  • positioning;
  • choosing correct customer interfaces;
  • revision of mission and vision;
  • actionplan.


Work session. No theory, no presentations, but an intensive work session. Crtical look at yourself. Gaining more in-depth knowledge and .... don't be satisfied too quickly with the outcome. Challenging and renewing. Returning home dead tired, but satisfied.


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