In-company training

Apart from our open training programs, more and more companies use STEM Techniek en Marketing for developing, offering and organizing specific in-company programs.


Intensive and personal coaching

Of course combinations are also possible. In all cases the programs will be compiled in consultation with you. The desired result and the participants' level of expertise is our starting point. Before we start we'll have a few intake interviews with some of the participants. All training programs are accompanied by a handbook with cases, the presentations, supporting articles, exercises, a wordlist, checklists and instructions. Moreover we distinguish ourselves by intensive and personal coaching by our programmanager.

STEM Techniek en Marketing has offered and carried out various programs in the last few years:

  • Two-day workshop for management to reconsider strategy on the basis of specific STEM structure.
  • Three-day workshop for accountmanagers, lead engineers and realization of contractor and a company in the field of industrial computerization. Theory and background of the role that marketing means to these people and which role they are playing in the marketing process. The program was concluded with a coaching course to make plans of action.
  • We trained research employees and project leaders for a number of large companies. They became more and more involved in marketing, were lagging behind and missed expertise A dedicated three-day program provided them with the necessary knowledge to understand effective marketing and to carry out their role in the marketing process effectively.
  • A number of productmanagers from the high tech sector in the semi-conductor market were trained during a five-day course in the field of industrial marketing. The models were expounded and the participants had to present the theory in a practical group assignment to management six weeks after concluding the course.
  • Specific product analysis models were trained for a company in the agri sector.
  • A two-day in-company training for an international steelcompany as part of an extensive management training for office and field salesmen.
  • For several companies skills in the field of personality and sales. In some cases STEM developed specific role plays.
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