Coaching: marketingplans


To see your ideas and actions on paper in a well-structured way: that is the value of a marketingplan. Not only for yourself, but also for your fellow workers.


STEM Techniek en Marketing supplies you with the structure and a 'fill-in format' in PowerPoint. We are not going to fill it in, but coach your employees in looking for information and taking decisions. We solve bottlenecks. We can do this in a few workshops or sessions for larger groups. Smaller groups will get a more personal coaching. STEM (or you) collect information, depending on what you want.


A spirited document and an eye opener for your sales- and marketingpeople. Brief and to the point. Actionlists. Frustrating but stimulating, because we are aiming for perfection, new ways, results.


All your ideas listed, ambitious goals and action, above average growth, enthousiastic and motivated fellow workers. Please contact our specialists by phone (0031) 356 022 509 or by email. On the basis of a personal talk we'll submit an offer.


Manager of a large building company after two marketingplans had been presented:

"Normally I'm critical and don't often agree with the conclusions. This is the first time that I‘ll completely adopt the conclusions. Men, let's do this!"

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