STEM consultancy

For a number of medium-sized enterprises has STEM Industrial Marketing Centre strategy meetings. In five half-day sessions, we discuss on the basis of a tight schedule your market, customer and capabilities to compete. Using the MABA choice model we make choices. We close with an action list.

Marketing or account plans
At many companies we have helped making marketing or account plans. STEM Industrial Marketing Centre offers the structure, helps in finding information and builds in cooperatiion with you of your staff the plan. Concrete and result-oriented.

At Stork Installatie Techniek (Installation services) was the conclusion of market research to skip working on hourly basis. STEM Industrial Marketing Centre adivced to implemetn new concept: Stork Worksphere.

By a better selection of customers it was possoble for Corus Aluminium to generate positive bottom line figures in poorer economic times. This coaching project had a completion time of three years and consisted of training, research and the making of strategic as well as operational plans.

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