Coaching: change

Change and customer orientation, why....

Marketing and commerce are difficult processes for engineers. It isn't concrete, tangible and the aswers are vague. The answers which the market give, do not alaways match with the things the engineer sees and feels. He has to change and doesn't really want to. STEM Techniek en Marketing BV offers changing processes for your organization.


  • a few intake interviews with management and your fellow workers;
  • analysis of bottlenecks;
  • visiting a few customers, with or without the sales department.

On the basis of these data we'll make a number of role plays and discussion themes. In this way the participants practise practical situations during a few sessions and get assignments, which will be discussed in one or more plenary sessions.


Participants will gradually discover what has to change and why. They will be motivated to change their procedures. The results will stimulate them to keep on changing. Please contact one of our specialists by phone (0031) 356 022 509 or email. On the basis of a personal conversation we'll submit an offer.

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