Coaching: sales performance


Salesmen visit customers and prospects. But is this really necessary? Wouldn't it be better to put more energy into new customers? If we position a customer as a price buyer, then why should we visit him or her? If the customer doesn't see the added value of the relation and doesn't want to pay for it, then why should we visit him or her? There are many different methods to hold on to customers. This depends on a number of customer characteristics. STEM Techniek en Marketing will help you to make the right decisions and approach customers with the right pitch.


We analyse your market on the basis of your turnover, customer data, customer lists, etc. If desired, your salesmen or we ourselves do market research and/or study. We give you a clear picture of the market, complete your customer pyramid and define the degree of  penetration. Besides we (or you) collect data, which reflect the relative appeal of your customers and/or groups of customers and your capabilities to compete. That's the basis on which we redefine customers and prospects. Then we determine per customer or group of customers the positioning and the respective customerinterface. In this way the salesman can determine as effectively as possible which customer or prospect should be visited and how often. Who should be called or be invited for a talk.


Discussion  on the basis of recent figures. Salesmen discover how they can work more effectively.


  • insight into the customers and prospects in the market;
  • clarity about the person whom you have to focus on;
  • classifying customers on the basis of customerprofiles;
  • other customerinterfaces.


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