Coaching: value creation


The essence is unambiguos: creating value for your customers. This looks quite simple, but it isn't. A valueconcept is more than a nice product and the accompanying familiar services. Your competitor does the same and only competing valueconcepts lead to more business and profit. You have to do better than your competitor. Innovative valueconcepts draw attention. Prof. dr. Paul Matthyssens' book has a subtitle for a reason: ‘Nieuwe denkkaders versus oude gewoonten'.


The essence of valuecreation is in the customeranalysis. Know, but above all understand business, the pain, the ambition, the bottlenecks of your customers. Be sure you know this better and more thorough than your competitor. The rest will follow. You'll have direct insight in valueconcepts, if you make yourself completely acquainted with the business of your customers. The next step is finding the right competences and a new 'settling mechanism'. After all, you do want to profit from the value you created!

STEM Techniek en Marketing can support you in various ways. In a workshop we can formulate the business drivers and the respective valueconcepts on the basis of present expertise together with your fellow workers. We can also do a value research and use that as input for the discussion. Together with you we determine valueconcepts and work out an implementationplan in a number of workshops.


You are innovative. New concepts stimulate your fellow workers, make customers enthousiastic. Innovative, but this time with marketing.


  • new customers;
  • more business with existing customer;
  • securing customers;
  • New impuls to make customers enthousiastic.
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