New Product Development Professional Course

Learning objectives

Becoming New Product Development Professional is becoming aware of all aspects which are relevant for the complete proces of the development of new products, services or processes. It needs insights in customer needs (Voice of the Customer and Market Research), how to get ideas for solutions and to deal with them in the Fuzzy Front End of innovation. Knowledge of the management of the NPD-proces in several phases and planning the launch. But also how to monitor the portfolio's of existing and new products, the results and costs of innovation, how to manage development teams and more. All these aspects are part of the course and it's learning objectives.

Target group

This course is especially designed for professionals responsible for or involved in new product development, innovation or new business development. Managers R&D, staff working in R&D, engineering, product managers, marketing managers, innovation managers, project leaders and project members.

Your results

After this course you can apply a structured methodology to your new product development processes. You have ideas to make product development processes more efficient and effective. And individually this course gives a boost to your personal professional career. The course is a preparation to the official PDMA exam that gives access to the New Product Development Professional (NPDP) certificate.

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