New Product Development Professional Course

Tuition fee & Application

The tuition fee of this course is € 4.345,-- (excl. VAT). 

The mentioned price includes:
NPDP Course + Exam training + Exam + online Personal Development Assessment

  1. NPDP Course – six modules of one day (each day from 9 A.M. untill 9 P.M.) including literature and course materials.
  2. Coffee/tea/water during the course hours, lunches and a dinner are included.
  3. Exam training – online test exam with 100 questions and a one day exam training.
  4. Parricipation to the PDMA / NPDP exam ($ 250,--; first application).
  5. 12 month membership (for non-PDMA members only).
  6. Acces to the PDMA network for getting your NPDP certification.
  7. 12 months access to STEM digital learning platform with all course materials + NPDP library.
  8. Participation in an online Personal Development Assessment + report - based on the results of this assessment partiticipants work during the course to improve competenties which are relevant for a New Product Development Professional.


The New Product Develolpment Professional course will take places in a central in The Netherlands located hotel. The exact location of this course will be determined later..

More information or documentation

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